livecd-creator problems on F-11

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livecd-creator problems on F-11

Steve Grubb-2

I have a need to make a new F-11 livecd and switch out a couple packages. I
run across several issues that I wanted to point out.

1) Mirrors sometimes hang or reset the connection. livecd-creator has no
provision for nudging it to choose another mirror. The only thing you can do
is kill -9 its process which leaves lots of stuff mounted.

2) When you do get another mirror, sometimes you get older copies of packages
in the cache. It would be nice if only the newest package is in the cache.

3) Would it make more sense to do all the package downloading before mounting
the target image via loopback? This way kill -9 doesn't leave a mess.

4) After retrieving the repomd files, it would be good to know what its doing.
Mine's been sitting here for about 1 hour (strace shows nothing is happening):

tune2fs 1.41.4 (27-Jan-2009)
Setting maximal mount count to -1
Setting interval between checks to 0 seconds
filespec_eval:  hash table stats: 12 elements, 12/65536 buckets used, longest
chain length 1
Retrieving ...OK
No such package *debuginfo to remove

What gives?


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