[in the news]: Fedora 16 Review: When An Ubuntu User Tries Fedora

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[in the news]: Fedora 16 Review: When An Ubuntu User Tries Fedora

Jonathan Nalley-3
"So, in a nut-shell Fedora 16 is 'the' best Fedora I have ever seen.
The seasoned users should be partying and they don't much care about
the issues I am facing as they rarely get out of the terminal and
solving such issues is like talking a walk in a park. As a longtime
Ubuntu user Fedora, for the first time, surprised me with its ease of

The installation and removing of applications is smooth. I have not
seen single dependency issues. Yes, it doesn't have Ubuntu Software
Center, but its install remove tool does a great job -- something on
par with Synaptic Package Manager.

So, as an Ubuntu user I am quite at home with Fedora 16. I will
recommend it to those who don't have a lot of proprietary hardware and
want to give Gnome 3 a try. Trust me, Fedora won't disappoint you.

As of now, I am loving Fedora."

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