NFS with latest kernel refusing mount requests

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NFS with latest kernel refusing mount requests

Stephen Berg (Contractor)-2
Just updated this system to kernel-3.15.6-200 and the NFS exported home
directory on it all of a sudden can't be mounted from any other system
on my network.  Rebooted to the previous 3.15.5-200 kernel and it's back
to normal.  We have some legacy stuff using NIS and automounted
directories, mostly SciLinux 6.5 stuff.

Log entry:
Jul 21 07:32:15 <hostname> rpc.mountd[16359]: refused mount request from
<ipaddress> for /export/home (/export/home): unmatched host

I looked at /etc/exports, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/nsswitch.conf, nothing
seemed out of place and since it's working in the previous kernel I
suspect something in the new kernel is causing the issue. Nothing else
that got updated this morning seems to be a likely cause.

Running a "getent netgroup <netgroup_name>" gave me the expected results
which included the system trying to mount the shared directory.

Just curious if anyone else sees similar issues with the latest kernel.

Stephen Berg
Systems Administrator
NRL Code: 7320
Office: 228-688-5738
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