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Fedora 26-20170619.n.0 compose check report

Fedora Rawhide Report
Missing expected images:

Workstation live i386
Kde live x86_64
Workstation live x86_64
Kde live i386

Failed openQA tests: 3/102 (x86_64), 1/2 (arm)

ID: 110191 Test: arm Minimal-raw_xz-raw.xz install_arm_image_deployment_upload
URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/110191
ID: 110225 Test: x86_64 universal install_cyrillic_language
URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/110225
ID: 110233 Test: x86_64 universal install_repository_http_variation
URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/110233
ID: 110261 Test: x86_64 universal upgrade_server_domain_controller
URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/110261

Soft failed openQA tests: 3/102 (x86_64), 1/22 (i386)
(Tests completed, but using a workaround for a known bug)

ID: 110181 Test: i386 Server-dvd-iso install_default
URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/110181
ID: 110193 Test: x86_64 Atomic-dvd_ostree-iso install_default
URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/110193
ID: 110194 Test: x86_64 Atomic-dvd_ostree-iso install_default@uefi
URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/110194
ID: 110226 Test: x86_64 universal install_asian_language
URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/110226

Passed openQA tests: 96/102 (x86_64), 21/22 (i386)

Skipped openQA tests: 1 of 126
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