FUDCon Blacksburg activity: Try my keyboard!

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FUDCon Blacksburg activity: Try my keyboard!

Toshio Kuratomi-2

Sometimes, even the most hard working programmer/system
administrator/graphic designer/packager needs to take a break and do
something fun.  So this FUDCon, let's plan on taking some time on Friday to
do something that's fun for computer enthusiasts of all ages -- try out
other people's hardware!  Specifically, their keyboards, mice, graphics
tablets, and other human to computer input devices.

In typical barcamp style, the devices present will depend on the attendees.
I'll be bringing a couple of mechanical switch keyboards (yes, they still
make those ;-) and some of the design team members will be bringing some
graphics tablets.  If anyone has an IBM Model M, a Kinesis Pro, an MS
explorer trackball, or any other input device that feels "just right" to you
we'd love to have you bring it along to share (and sign up on the wiki so we
know to track you down when the time is right.)


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