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F13 starting X problem

Philip Rhoades-2

For X windows, if I only have:


in my ks file and also:

        xconfig --startxonboot

uncommented, the qemu-kvm booted system hangs during booting.  If I
comment out "xconfig --startxonboot" the system gets all the way to a
login - however it still crashes after startx with:

        (EE) open /dev/fb0: No such file or dir
        error setting MTRR
        waiting for X server to shut down .error setting MTRR (base =
0xf0000000, size = 0x00400000, type = 1) Inappropriate icotl for device (25)

If I put:


into the ks file, startx gets all the way to the blue, swirly screen and
then  hangs.

My ks file looks almost like a standard Fedora "base" ks file - how to


Philip Rhoades

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