The Fedora Project is a collection of projects sponsored by Red Hat, and developed as a partnership between the open source community and Red Hat engineers. The goal of Fedora? The rapid progress of free and open source software and content. Public forums. Open processes. Rapid innovation. Meritocracy and transparency. All in pursuit of the best operating system and platform that free software can provide.
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For testers of Fedora Linux development releases. 22354 61025
by Fedora compose check...
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by Michael Schwendt
For discussion of Fedora Live CD efforts. 957 2931
by Destro
For users and discussions about Fedora in the Brazilian Portuguese language.

Esta lista de discussão é voltada para os usuários brasileiros do Fedora.
Seu objetivo é criar um espaço onde os usuários brasileiros possam trocar informações, dicas e solucionar seus problemas.
Para obter maiores informações sobre o Projeto Fedora Brasileiro acesse http://www.projetofedora.org.
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by Beson77
For discussion about Xen virtualisation in Fedora. 517 2063
by markbroady
For discussions about games for Fedora. 218 895
by tyoymerb
For discussions about the Fedora SELinux Project. 1199 4305
by otymgfhf
For users of laptops running Fedora. 292 681
by hynbbghjh
Announcements of Fedora Package Updates for potentially all Fedora sub-projects.
See announcement to learn how to setup filters.
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by elocationet
For discussions about marketing and expanding the Fedora user base. 1939 5569
by Abhishek Kumar
Announcements related to Fedora Linux. 667 696
by Buddhike Kurera
For the women that use and contribute to Fedora. 5 9
by Sankarshan Mukhopadh...